These modules have been designed to be delivered, one per class. Or approximately 1 per hour.

Some of them can be done indoors, in the classroom, and some should be done on any larger surface, such as the school hall, gym, or outdoor area. The latter modules are ideal for a Netball court, or any other sport area. The equipment needed is nothing out of the ordinary. Any ball will do, but ideally a smaller ball. Small enough that the kids can just about hold it in one hand. That's smaller than a volleyball, but bigger than a tennis ball.

Hart Sports sells Handballs to schools, if you wish to invest in a set.

When playing outside, it's best if there is a rectangular field, with a goal at each end. The goal can easily be marked with tape on the wall, or between two fenceposts. A netball court is usually ideal, you can utilise the netball lines, and the rear fence as the 'net'.

#1: Das ist Handball

#2: Das Aufwärmtraining

#3: Der Fangesang

#4: Die Spieler Positionen

#5: Ich werfe, du fängst

#6: Eins, Zwei, Drei, Spring

#7: Das Handball Quiz

#8: Vorwärts, Rückwärts, Links, Rechts

#9: Torwart Aufwärmen

#10: Das Spiel