Activity Ideas

Zoom - online activity resources

Was ist das?

These slides are made as a follow-up resource for the Episodes posted under Video Snippets. The can act as a mini quiz, or as a tool to practice recognising and understanding new words and phrases.

Links oder Rechts?

These are slides that can be used to further engage the sporting and strategic minds. Still utilising the context of movement or action, even whilst being stuck at home.

Untitled presentation

Playing and learning about how to express emotion, on screen. What gestures or body language do we utilise in sport. This can become a theatrical interaction for kids on a zoom call.

Wirf, Fang, Tor!

The online-handball version of Paper, Scissor Rock, or Schnick Schnack Schnuck. In this case the ball beats the triangle, the triangle beats rectangle, the rectangle beats the ball. Come up with your own online gestures to express these shapes, and then the moderator picks two students to play, whoever loses must turn off their camera.


Everybody writes a letter on a piece of paper, (eg. perhaps the first letter of your name, or last letter, or 3rd letter of you surname), and then holds it up. Then everyone gets 10 seconds to write down all the letters, and then 1 minute to come up with as many words as possible.

Was sagst du?

A little creative writing, what are each of these energetic Handball characters 'saying' or 'thinking'. Anything goes!


I spy with my little eye? what do you see in this Handball scene, what can you describe?

Make contact with a Bundesliga club and send them a video message

Develop your own set plays

Develop your own trainings

Write player biographies

Create posters for the team

Design a team logo

Establish a team coach and manager

Follow a Bundesliga team and find out what is famous for that region

Challenge another school to a match

Take your team to a local Youth Handball Festival

Create a fan club and team chants

Handball Quiz

Der Handball Quiz

This Quiz was made to create a fun and interactive way for the students to gain confidence in comprehension. It can be done in the classroom or verbally on the playing field.

The concept of the quiz is to show a hint first, which provides context, and then read out the question verbally to make the students listen to the question in context, then to aid better understanding of the question, bring up the question on screen. The final click reveals the answer.